Cocoon Massage:  

The perfect blend of relaxation, pampering, and fixing what hurts. Aromatherapy and steamy towels calm your stressed-out nervous system, while pain and discomfort melt away. This will be the most delightful part of your day!

$85/60 minutes

$120/90 minutes

Clinical Care:

An approach focused on therapeutic outcomes rather than relaxation. Enjoy focused, pain relieving techniques like deep tissue and neuromuscular therapy. 

$95/60 minutes 

$130/90 minutes

Clinical Care: Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT):

A specialized subset of clinical care. LDT removes swelling, inflammation and cell debris from the tissue, which results in fast recovery from injury and surgery. A series of 6 - 10 sessions is recommended for most plastic/reconstructive surgeries. 

$95/60 minutes. Inquire for packages.