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 Nothing like a cozy massage table to make the world a better place.

Nothing like a cozy massage table to make the world a better place.

Meet Emily

I've been a massage therapist since I was a child: my sister paid me as much as $1 for a back rub. That was big money for a 3rd grader in those days. And when I was in high school I used the kitchen table as a massage table to help my mom's sore back.

After college, I thought massage would be a fun job until I figured out what to do for grad school. 21 years later, I still don't have my MA, and I still love being a massage therapist.

So come see me at Cocoon. I've developed a unique style that doesn't make you choose between relaxing deeply, being pampered, and receiving help for issues like headaches, back pain, edema and even injury/wound healing. The best massage includes all of the above!

Emily is amazing! The difference between her work and a less experienced therapist is like night and day. I told her my massage was one of the best things to happen to me
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Meet Jay

Jay has a life long interest in the healing arts. For over 2 decades, he's been practicing and teaching massage. 

A martial artist and tai chi teacher, Jay understands how to use movement to heal injury and pain. This wisdom, coupled with his curious and compassionate nature, and extensive massage experience, allows him to create effective treatment plans for many common ailments. 

Jay has had great success treating TMJ, migraines and low back pain. His work will also leave you feeling calmer and more connected to your body.

You're in great hands

We make sure all our new clients feel welcome, safe and taken care of. Whether this is your first ever massage, or you're an old pro, a great massage starts with feeling comfortable. During your first visit, we'll go over your health history and any goals you'll like to achieve with your massage.

No specific goals? That's great too! Feeling good is its own reward.


Are we a good fit?

Cocoon therapists have an unusual level of experience, training and skill. But a big part of massage is simply the connection we make. So here are some things to consider.

I need deep tissue work, but it always hurts so much!  We're a good fit: massage isn't better just because it hurts like heck! Your muscles respond so much better when they like what's going on. I'm know for my gentle approach and intuitive touch.

I've been suffering from head aches since that accident 10 years ago. Come in right away: we're a good fit. We've had great success helping people resolve chronic head aches, even if they've suffered for years.

I like really deep massage. Are we a good fit? Maybe. Your therapist will work at a level where they feel the tissue respond. Most people really like how that feels. That said, it's important to let your therapist know if the pressure feels good. Cocoon therapists are intuitive, but we're not quite mind readers! 

I don't know if I want therapy or relaxation. What's the difference? Every massage is customized so that you end up with the best possible experience. Relaxation help manage pain, so we make clinical treatments as soothing as possible . And clinical techniques can be easily worked into the flow of a relaxation massage as needed.

I have limited mobility. Is your office accessible? Probably not. You need to be able to climb a flight of stairs to reach my 2nd floor office. And you might have to walk a block, as I only have street parking.

Do you take insurance? Currently Cocoon therapists take MVA/PIP insurance with a doctor's prescription. We also payments from HSA/FSA accounts.


 Healing hands.

Healing hands.