Find your fit

Great massage starts with feeling comfortable. Whether this is your first massage, or you’ve been getting them forever, we want you to feel welcome, cared for, and safe.

What are your goals? Relaxation? Pain relief? Sports recovery? All Cocoon therapists have a deep well of experience and training, so you can be confident of a good and helpful experience. But massage is like any human endeavor: each therapist brings their own style, their unique approach.

What style really resonates with you?

Because finding the right fit turns really good massage into great massage.



Approach: Relaxing. Slow. Intuitive. Medium to subtle pressure. Massage that feels really good.

Good for: Stressed out people who are stretched too thin.

Helps with: Self care. Head aches, neck/back pain, and whiplash. Heals post-op edema and pain, jangled nerves, bad weeks at work.

Heather Headshot.JPG


Approach: Relaxing. Medium to subtle pressure. Just the right place, just the right pressure.

Good for: Resetting when emotionally or physically drained. Pain issues. First time massage. Elder care. Mamas.

Helps with: Self care. Neck and back pain. Shoulder pain. Pregnancy support. Injury rehab. Sports injury/recovery. Foot pain.

carisa headshot.jpg


Approach: Yoga teacher does massage. Deep but sensitive. Stretches. Intuitive. Medium to deep pressure.

Good for: People who love firm pressure, active lifestyles.

Helps with: Back pain. Pregnancy support. Injury rehab. Sports/injury recovery. Stress. Poor posture.